ZB Token Official Logo
ZB Token Official Logo

ZB Token manages a network that includes digital assets exchanges, wallet services, capital venture arms, research institutes and media. ZB Token is one of the first tokens built on Ethereum’s ERC-223 standard, an updated version of the ERC-20 standard used by many popular projects like OmiseGO and Basic Attention Token. ZB Token is an ERC-223 token that enables currency exchanges through Agents. Agents are nodes that can process transactions up to the amount of ZB they hold. Zerobank is a multipurpose cryptocurrency platform designed for financial applications, like storing, spending, and trading coins and tokens. The Vietnam-based project is created by Zero Exchange, LTD, which also has offices in the U.K. and Singapore. It continues Bitcoin’s initial goal of removing middlemen from the traditional banking system using the ZB Token, an ERC-223 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Zerobank is actively pursuing partnerships to expand into new markets. Unfortunately, ZB Token is not available for mining at the moment.

Original author – Li Dawei
Initial release – 1 November 2017
Development status – Active
Website – zb.com/en/


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