Verge Official Logo
Verge Official Logo

Verge is an open-source, decentralized cryptocurrency that offers completely anonymous transactions by obfuscating the location and IP address of the transacting participants using TOR and I2P network layers. Verge focuses on anonymity and obfuscates users IP addresses which make transactions completely untraceable. Since popular public ledgers and common cryptocurrencies like bitcoin often face challenges in protecting participants complete anonymity, cryptocurrencies like Verge that offer unique ways to hide users identities have led to increased use and popularity of such private ledgers. The Core Verge wallets have built-in TOR integration, additionally supported by SSL-encryption, adding an extra level of security. Like most cryptocurrencies, your coins are totally safe as long as you store them in a secure Verge wallet. Verge is a proof-of-work algorithm, this crypto uses a multi-algorithm mining support, which means individuals with different types of equipment are able to mine Verge.

Original author – Justin Sunerok
Programming language of implementation – C, C++
Initial release
 – 2014
Development status – Active

Website –


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