Tron Official Logo
Tron Official Logo

Tron is a Blockchain-based decentralized operating system based on a cryptocurrency native to the system that aims to build a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology, and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content. The TRON protocol, maintained primarily by the TRON Foundation, distributes computing resources equally among TRX holders with internal pricing mechanisms such as bandwidth and energy. TRON provides a decentralized virtual machine, which can execute a program using an international network of public nodes. The network has zero transaction fees and conducts ~2000 transactions per second. TRON defines a proof of stake architecture. The implementations of TRON foster minimal transaction fees to prevent malicious users to perform DDoS attacks for free. In this respect, EOS.IO and TRON are quite similar, due to the nonexistent fee, high transactions per second and high reliability, and regarded as new generation of blockchain system. Some researchers defined TRON as an Ethereum clone, with no fundamental differences. The transactions per second rate on Tron’s blockchain was questioned because it was far below its theoretical claim. By using the features of the blockchain and peer-to-peer network technology, Tron attempts to bridge the gap between content creators and content consumers by eliminating the middleman. The result is an overall cost reduction for the consumer and improved collection through direct receipts for the content producer, which offers a win-win situation.

Original author – Justin Sun
Programming language of implementation – Java
Initial release
 – September 2017
Development status – Active
Website –


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