SwissBorg CHSB Official Logo
SwissBorg CHSB Official Logo

The SwissBorg token or CHSB is an ethereum ERC20 multi-utility token that powers the SwissBorg Ecosystem. The CHSB token aimed to challenge the relationship between people and their investment manager. You can purchase CHSB Tokens on the SwissBorg Wealth app. SwissBorg is a trusted, versatile and inclusive investment platform free from the limitations and exclusivity of traditional wealth management. Aiming to make sophisticated wealth management accessible to all, SwissBorg makes it fair, safe and easy to invest in your financial future with crypto assets. The value of a utility token depends primarily on the demand for goods or services transacted on the platform and the number of tokens in circulation. Tokens are divisible and the prices of goods or services in terms of tokens can be adjusted, i.e. the price of a token in fiat currency terms can move independently of the price of a particular good or service transacted on the platform. The value of tokens is typically enjoyed by the users.

Original author – Cyrus Fazel
Initial release – 15 January 2018
Development status – Active
Website –


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