Revain REV Official Logo
Revain REV Official Logo

Revain or REV is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. REV is a stable coin which circulates in the Revain network only. It’s sole purpose is to reward review authors for their work. Revain is an honest review platform for the blockchain era. Powered by blockchain technology, it prevents stakeholders from tampering and deleting unfavorable reviews, and rewards users for quality feedback. Revain ecosystem consists of several key components, rules, and processes. They ensure credibility of the reviews posted on the platform. For instance, every user who wants to obtain rewards must first pass KYC application. Also, a regular user is limited to posting five reviews a day. However, project managers mention the possibility that this number will be increased for the most reputable reviewers. Revain itself doesn’t award REV because the platform creators see an issue in rewarding tokens themselves. Revain consists of seven main sections: projects, exchanges, wallets, games, casinos, mining pools and cards.

Original author – Rinat Arslanov
Initial release – 29 January 2018
Development status – Active
Website –


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