Ravencoin RVN Official Logo
Ravencoin RVN Official Logo

Ravencoin is a cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer network that aims to enable the transfer of assets from one party to another through an application-specific blockchain. Ravencoin allows anyone to create assets that can be either fungible or non-fungible, scarce or unlimited, and unregulated or programmed to operate in accordance with applicable regulations (e.g., U.S. securities laws). Unlike Ethereum, Ravencoin does not seek to be a comprehensive solution as a “world computer”. Instead, Ravencoin wants to limit itself to one application and perfect it. All in all, Ravencoin is a great long-term investment because its technological superiority is nothing to sneeze at. A great idea behind the project might push the coin to the top world cryptocurrencies.

Original author – Bruce Fenton
Initial release – 3 January 2018
Development status – Active
Website – ravencoin.org


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