Gridcoin Official Logo
Gridcoin Official Logo

Gridcoin is an open source cryptocurrency which securely rewards volunteer computing performed on the BOINC, a distributed computing platform that is home to over 30 science projects spanning a range of scientific disciplines. Linked to citizen science through the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Gridcoin is using blockchain technology to crowdsource calculations of scientific projects, seeks to distinguish itself from Bitcoin by adopting “environmentally-friendly” approaches to distributing new coins and securing the network. Gridcoin allows near instant peer-to-peer transactions and worldwide payments at very low processing fees. The code is open source and allows anyone to take part in the success and development of the currency. The impact of Gridcoin on the cryptocurrency world has been reported on multiple news websites: The Merkle, Hacker News, The Coin Telegraph. Gridcoin has additionally an impact on the cryptocurrency research and is referenced in many scientific papers and whitepapers. If you are a science lover, this is the cryptocurrency you need.

Original author – Rob Hälford
Programming language of implementation – C++
Initial release
 – 16 October 2013
Development status – Active
Website –


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