Cybervein CVT Official Logo
Cybervein CVT Official Logo

CyberVein is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. CVT is a platform that its function is to process, exchange and share effectively, quickly and safely taking into account that this site is based on taking data based on BlockChain ​​that helps to have various topics, whether from life, from economic or architecture. CyberVein’s big-data solution is based on the PISR (Private, Interlink, Secure, Robust) distributed database developed by CyberVein, focusing on enterprise-level “blockchain + big-data” customized services. The four core products of data management, storage, analysis, and monetization are focusing on three major problems in this information age: information silo, data security, and data monetization. It perfectly links upstream and midstream of data-flow, aggregates and enables cross-domain governance of upstream data, and encapsulates data abstraction into services, providing business value to applications, thereby creating an enterprise-level data flow platform based on blockchain.

Original author – Ansel Ko
Initial release – March 2018
Development status – Active
Website –


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