Ampleforth Official Logo
Ampleforth Official Logo

Ampleforth is a new cryptocurrency that is gaining traction, whose native token is AMPL. The protocol’s native token, AMPL, is designed to be used as collateral for decentralized banking systems and as an alternative base-money for the crypto-economy. AMPL operates as an ERC-20 token on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Ampleforth or AMPL is a digital-asset-protocol for smart commodity-money. The Ampleforth protocol always seeks a price-supply equilibrium, and will automatically enter a state of unrest until it finds one. What makes AMPL unique next to other crypto primitives is the demand-supply mechanics of the token. Ampleforth builds in a financial incentive for users to help the network reach equilibrium. The network depends on profit-seeking traders to restore equilibrium on the demand side once the change in supply goes through. AMPL can become a crucial addition to cryptocurrency portfolios⁠—and one day, perhaps even global macro portfolios.

Original author – Brandon Iles
Initial release
 – 23 May 2019
Development status – Active

Website –


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